How to avoid delays in Immigrant Visa Petitions

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a strict set of rules for each process. If you have a visa application on-going, read through this article to avoid getting delays in immigration services.

The strict immigration process is created to accommodate the visa applications of millions of foreign citizens looking to immigrate to the United States. There’s a great deal of people waiting in line, and that’s the primary reason why going a step back in the process usually means a long delay.

We believe that for all visa applications, it is highly advised that you consult with an immigration attorney to make sure that you are properly advised on the procedures of filing visa petition. Many of those who experience delays are just people who didn’t know how the whole process works. Based on our experience with our clients, we have found out that there are three major reasons why the immigration process is delayed, namely: Requirements, Eligibility, and Interview.


Procuring the requirements for immigration is no simple task. Various legal documents need to be acquired to support your visa application. Most of the time, processing legal documents take days and weeks to be produced by the government office. The most common reason why Immigrant Visa Petitions are delayed is because of the requirements.

To avoid delays due to your requirements, establish a timeline of when you need to produce your legal documents. All forms must be accomplished, and all sections that need to be filled out must be filled out. Check thoroughly for any errors before sending to the USCIS. Initial feedback from the USCIS can take as much as 3 weeks, and having forms sent back for revisioning would take another 3 weeks to go along the process.

Requirements for immigration visas typically involve two parties – the petitioner and beneficiary. Both parties need to produce their own identification documents – passports and birth certificates. Immigrant Visa Petitions revolve around identification and eligibility. To avoid getting delayed, make sure that your documents are ready and valid long enough until the process is completed.


Not everyone is eligible to be sponsored by an American Citizen to live in the United States. First, applicants must have a relationship with an American Citizen that qualifies the beneficiary to file for an immigrant visa.

Here’s a list of relationships that qualify applicants for an Immigrant Visa:

  • Spouse
  • Fiance(e) (Nonimmigrant visa but can be changed after the wedding in the U.S.)
  • Immediate family member
  • Employee (for employer-sponsored visas)

Both the sponsor and beneficiary would need to prove the relationship through legal documents, contracts, and proof of a bona fide relationship. If you have questions or problems with your eligibility, it’s best to get a free law advice first before you push through with the application.


There are literally millions of foreign citizens trying to secure a visa to go to the United States every year. To avoid delays in the interview, make sure to be present on the time and date specified on your appointment. Failure to arrive on time will cause delays, and it will also push your interview schedule to the back of the queue.

Interview results can also be a setback to visa applications. The purpose of the interview is to verify everything that the sponsor and the beneficiary have submitted. If the interviewer senses a mismatch based on the answers of the beneficiary to the interviewer’s questions, the application may be denied or put on hold. If your visa application has been denied at the interview stage, it’s best to get at least a free law advice to prepare for your next interview.

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